Skills Training Classes and DBT Therapy

 As a DBT skills trainer, I am now offering several online DBT skills training classes. So clients all over the globe have the opportunity to access DBT Skills. And transform their emotional sensitivity into a Superpower!

Diana Partington

ONLINE Adult DBT skills training classes (Zoom)

DBT Skills Class begins with a brief guided meditation.  Often members have an opportunity to share stories of their skills use and review homework.  Then we transition to introducing new skills.  The focus of group is learning and effectively using the full array of DBT skills.  The course is taught in four sections, including Mindfulness (being fully present in the moment), Interpersonal Effectiveness (Getting what you want and having other people feel good about it, as well as setting limits), Distress Tolerance(getting through a crisis without making it worse) and Emotion Regulation (managing overwhelming emotions.)

DBT Skills Training is a psychoeducational format, rather than a processing group.  The goal of this class is to teach clients to use DBT skills to replace “unskillful” coping strategies such as suicide, self-harm, drugs and other strategies that have negative and often dangerous side effects. All clients must meet with Diana for Admissions and Orientation before starting group. We will then have a few individual follow up check ins as needed.

All clients must have an individual therapist to participate in DBT skills class. Participation in DBT skills training class is not a replacement for therapy. It is meant to supplement your therapy.

Text or call me at (615) 775-3956 to learn more about how DBT Skills training can help you. 

ONLINE DBT Skills Training Classes (available to adults anywhere in the world currently working with a licensed therapist for individual treatment)

All of my groups are currently offered on


12-1:30pm Central Time

4:30-6pm Central Time

6:30 to 8pm Central Time

Fees: Each class costs $70 per session

ONLINE hosted by Zoom

All participants are 18 years and older.


Participants are welcomed from all over the world (as long as you have a licensed therapist in your area for individual therapy)

Payment accepted via Venmo or Paypal or Credit Card

I don’t accept insurance, however, I can provide you with a “Superbill” to submit to your insurance for “Out of Network reimbursement”.

All Group Members must have an Individual Therapist

All participants need a copy of Marsha Linehan’s book “DBT skills training handouts and worksheets” available on

Please text Diana at (615) 775-3956 for more information.

Individual Therapy  (online only)

I am also a licensed professional counselor in Tennessee. And I provide adherent Dialectical Behavior Therapy for Adults–including Individual DBT, Group Skills Training and phone coaching, as created by Dr. Marsha Linehan.

I specialize in clients who are struggling with depression, mood disorders and persistant suicidal ideation. If you are worn out from overwhelming emotions, DBT can change your life!

I fell in love with DBT because it is so incredibly practical.  Skills training takes the mystery out of being effective.   DBT combines mindfulness, compassion and lots of humor to help you manage the challenges of your life and your diagnosis.  DBT skills offer a road map for how to change the way we think, feel and behave in order to build a life truly worth living.

My goal as your therapist is to reduce your suffering and increase your effectiveness at getting what you want (in ways that don’t damage your relationships or your self-respect.)

With that in mind, I am also trained in EMDR (an evidence based treatment for trauma) and Emotional Freedom Technique to help overcome the emotional challenges of traumatic experiences. 

This journey can be incredibly meaningful and sometimes even fun (particularly DBT group).  Call today and we will get started!

DBT is my primary treatment modality.  Though I am also trained in EMDR (for trauma), Brief Solution Focused Therapy and general counseling.  

A typical Individual DBT session includes reviewing the Client’s Diary Card, Behavior Chain analysis of the events leading to problem behaviors, contingency planning, solution analysis, and validation of the client’s experiences and emotions.

I may also incorporate EMDR as needed for trauma processing in session.  

INDIVIDUAL THERAPY, 50 MINUTES. $190 per session.

Payment accepted via credit care, venmo or paypal

The fee for individual therapy includes DBT skills phone coaching, an essential element of the DBT protocol provided that the client is also in DBT Skills training class.  Phone coaching is not therapy by phone, rather clients can contact Diana between 8am and 10pm for help getting through difficult situations and emotions.  Coaching typically lasts 5 to 10 mintues and focuses on helping the client use DBT skills to improve their situation in the moment.