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The DBT for Life website and blog is meant to provide an array of resources to help the public access DBT skills.   Diana Partington, LPC-MHSP created this site to connect with clients that want to take DBT skills training classes, participate in full Dialectical Behavior Therapy, or utilize the free and low cost resources available here through articles, videos and her forthcoming book DBT Stories: DBT skills in practice.  

Diana was introduced to DBT as a patient and found it so helpful that she became a DBT therapist!

About Diana

Diana earned her Masters in Counseling from Vanderbilt University where she wrote her master’s thesis on effective teaching of DBT Skills.  During graduate school and licensure, she was mentored by prominent DBT therapists.  She also completed a variety trainings with Marsha Linehan’s Behavioral Institute and Michael Maslar’s 10 day DBT training. 

In January of 2016, after five years of participating in Vanderbilt’s DBT consultation team, she founded the Music City DBT Consultation Team.

Diana grew up overseas, spending her childhood in Nicaragua, the Philippines and Indonesia.  Travel has always been her first love, having visited all but two continents (Australia and Antartica).  She graduated from Occidental College in Los Angeles in 1992 with a BA in Theater and Film, which she credits for helping her making DBT skills training animated and fun.  

Her career has been a journey that has included filmmaking, fundraising for the arts, teaching, working as a cat behaviorist, and being a full time mom.  Then in 2012 she graduated from Vanderbilt with a Masters degree in Mental Health Counseling.  During licensure she worked for Dr. Stephanie Vaugh at Psyche doing DBT exclusively, while working at Centerstone seeing a broad population of adolescents.  After receiving her license in 2014, she launched her private practice offering therapy at her offices in Nashville.  She currently lives in Nashville, Tennessee with her two beautiful children, two cuddly dogs and two super friendly cats. 

Diana’s Treatment Philosophy

Diana found her way into the world of counseling because of her profound interest in what helps people recover from childhood trauma.  As she explored different therapeautic modalities, she was frustrated with counseling that focuses mostly on the past.

Although she believes that trauma work is a very important part of any treatment plan, she found that continously addressing the past can be so sticky and painful that clients begin to feel that their histories are inescapable. 

Diana embraced DBT because it seems that DBT skills provide clients a way forward, the possibility of reclaiming their lives and transforming them.  This is enormously hopeful.

Over the past 10 years, Diana has observed the amazing recoveries that DBT facilitates.

Diana is currently licensed to practice counseling in the state of Tennessee.

“I have been fortunate enough to shepard many people through immense pain and suffering, into a skillful life that is deeply meaningful to them. It is such a priviledge to work with the suidicidal population and help a client shed suicidal ideation.  Letting that be something they used to experience, but haunts them no more.”

Diana Partington

Therapy and Education Services

You can contact Diana at sufferingoptional@yahoo.com about Individual DBT therapy and DBT Groups if you are in the state of Tennessee. If you are out of state, please ask about her DBT classes. Please see the DBT Skills Training Services page.