Discover Your superpowers! DBT Skills training classes available

Two brand new classes forming this January, 2021–enrollment is limited. Contact Diana at (615) 775-3956 as soon as possible to reserve your spot!

Fridays 12-1:30 CST

Saturdays 11-12:30 CST

If you are emotionally sensitive, you probably know it.

“You are too sensitive!”

“It’s not that big a deal!”

“Why don’t you just get over it?”

Heard these before?

Most people arrive in DBT feeling like their emotional sensitivity is a liability. Like it has been ruining their lives. That’s because it has!

Learning DBT Skills can change all of that. Skills will teach you how to manage the downsides of emotional sensitivity: The anger, fear, jealousy, loneliness, depression and anxiety. So you can enjoy your superpowers! Yes! Superpowers!

Emotionally sensitive people have access to more passion, more joy, more creativity, intuition, compassion than most other human beings. This is the exquisite side of being sensitive. It is your superpower. Its time to claim it.

Launch your superpowers by signing up for DBT Skills training classes. Training is offered on Zoom–so you can take classes from anywhere in the world!

All clients must be in individual therapy with a licensed therapist to participate in Skills Training. Skills training classes are not a substitute for therapy, but they can be a transformative supplement to the hard work you are already doing in treatment.

Clients sign up for one month at a time, so if you decide its not for you, there is no long term commitment. You will learn skills for managing overwhelming emotions, communication, getting through a crisis, setting limits and so much more. There are over a hundred skills and the class will help you learn to incorporate them into your life.

Please contact Diana Partington at for more information. Or text at (615)775-3956. Be sure to mention that you want to know more about DBT Skills classes. Or follow the link in the menu above for Skills Training.

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Diana is a licensed professional counselor based in Nashville. She has been teaching DBT skills for the last ten years after writing her master's thesis about making DBT skills training interesting and engaging. She loves using story telling to help illustrate how skills can be used.

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